It Sounds Like Nick Denton Has Radical Changes In Mind For Gizmodo

nick denton

Gawker owner

Nick Denton hired a new editor for Gizmodo.His name is Geoff Manaugh. According to an interview he gave the New York Times, he spent his 20s roaming Europe and “writing lots and lots of poetry.”

He’s been the editor of site called BLDGBLOG, which today features a record player playing records made out of wood with laser cutters.

It sounds like he’s going to take the storied gadget blog in a very different direction.

Instead of mixing gadget reviews with stories that could also belong in Maxim, Manaugh wants Gizmodo to cover “what technology means.” He also wants the blog to focus on architecture and design.

He tells the Times:

It’s not just about gadgets you carry around in your pocket.…

…You might come to Gizmodo expecting to read about an Apple conference, and we will still cover that sort of thing. But if you see a compelling article about 3-D printing or elevator design, I think you’ll be interested in that.

It’s taking all of the things Gizmodo is good at and has an audience for, but it’s adding urbanism and architecture and design. You’ll see interviews with architects, coverage of building projects around the world. It’s treating gadgets as design objects.

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