It Only Took 15 Minutes For StubHub To Hand-Deliver Replacement Tickets To A Customer

stubhub ceo Chris Tsakalakis

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At yesterday’s 49ers game, tons of fans were stuck outside of the stadium because their tickets wouldn’t scan. Sarah Lacy, founder of the new tech blog PandoDaily, says that she was part of that crowd for a while, until StubHub made a brilliant customer service move.And this is why StubHub a ticketing platform that eBay bought for $300 million in 2007 — still has significant market share even though other ticket exchange competitors have emerged, including ones led by the NFL and Ticketmaster.

Lacy explains what happened while she was standing in front of San Francisco’s Candlestick Park: 

“My friend called Stubhub customer service – something I probably wouldn’t have done because I’ve lived on Earth long enough to know that calling customer service typically only makes you more pissed off. Not this time. The first thing the representative said when he picked up the phone: ‘Give me your number now, in case we get cut off.

Within 15 minutes, a representative from StubHub came to meet us in line with replacement tickets that were only two rows behind the ones that wouldn’t scan. We got in immediately. They were not only smart enough to buy up last minute replacement tickets in case there was a problem– they knew to park a van right behind this awful customer service window. I felt guilty skipping out of the line, while all the other people – including a lot of life-long fans – who didn’t use StubHub had to miss more of the game.”

And that’s excellent customer service. Even after a fail, most companies can recover by going above and beyond what’s expected — because sadly, too few companies do, so the bar is set pretty low.

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