It looks like Pauline Hanson's One Nation senate team is already starting to fall apart

Pauline Hanson. Photo: Greg Wood/ AFP/ Getty Images.

Pauline Hanson’s One Nation beginning to fracture less than six months into its revival in the Australian senate.

Western Australian One Nation senator Rod Culleton looks set to splinter from the party after he was effectively disowned by Hanson during a radio interview today.

Culleton, who appears before the High Court tomorrow over a challenge to his eligibility to stand for election in July, split from the party last week over the backpacker tax and criticised his leader yesterday for not pushing harder for a banking royal commission.

Hanson told Sydney’s 2GB that she he’s not a team player and One Nation “can’t work” and “can’t reason with him”.

She said he wasn’t a team player and was “running his own race”.

“He loves the limelight, he loves the publicity and he’s not really listening to the advice,” she said.

“I’ve been in this for 20 years and to have a new kid on the block telling me what to do is absolutely ridiculous.”

In response, senator Culleton said: “I have played a lot of football in my life and I have never seen Pauline at one of my football matches.”

Like fellow Queenslander Clive Palmer, who watched his eponymous four-member senate team implode during the last parliamentary term, losing Tasmanian Jacqui Lambie and Queenslander Glenn Lazarus, the loss of Culleton would leave Hanson with just a two-member bloc of Malcolm Roberts and her as senators.

Hanson was first elected to the Australian senate in 1996. Her party had enormous electoral success in Queensland two years later with 11 members elected, but began to implode soon after amid internal bickering, resignations, legal challenges and power struggles.

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