It looks like Mike Baird's flair for social media is starting to flag

Photo: Mike Baird/ Facebook.

Once considered a master of social media for getting his message out, it now looks like the medium has turned against New South Wales premier Mike Baird, with Facebook users ripping into the state leader after he posted a photo of a mural of himself yesterday with the caption: “Did you know that NSW has an official ‘graffiti removal day’? Well, it does. And it’s today. Just saying.”

The mural in Sydney’s trendy inner-west, painted by Scott Marsh, satirises the premier, portraying him as drinking a glass of Penfolds Grange (the wine that led to the resignation of his predecessor, Barry O’Farrell) while smoking a cigar in a casino at 1:31am – a minute after Sydney’s lockout time comes into effect.

It was painted over more than five months ago.

Since posting the photo at 10.28am on Sunday it has attracted 4,400 comments, many of them seething in their criticisms, calling Baird “out of touch” and “troll king of aus politics” (sic), and even taking him to task for calling the now long-gone street art “graffiti”.

Facebook users have come down hard on the premier. While 5000 have given his post the thumbs up, 1700 have opted for the angry emoji, while many have reposted the image with less than flattering comments,

See it here.

Baird’s photo stirred the pot of an already inflamed conversation around the city’s lockout laws, introduced in 2014, despite a recent review which recommended easing some of the times.

It also comes after he backed down on his decision, first announced on Facebook, to ban greyhound racing in the state.

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