It Looks Like James Gorman Is Totally Dissing Charlie Gasparino By Going On CNBC And Bloomberg

Gorman Gasparino

[credit provider=”Lisa Du, Business Insider”]

Yesterday, Charlie Gasparino at Fox Business News took a jab at Morgan Stanley CEO James Gorman by saying the executive was the opposite of JP Morgan CEO Jamie Dimon, who is “certain about his job” and has “confidence” in his abilities. It seemed that Gasparino was unhappy because Gorman refused to do an interview with him, as he added “[Gorman]’s a nice guy, but he won’t go before the camera.”Today, is Gorman fighting back?

It appears that the Morgan Stanley chief executive will be on both CNBC and Bloomberg TV today for interviews, according to tweets from CNBC’s Carl Quintanilla and Bloomberg commercials we’re seeing. Gorman is currently in Davos at the World Economic Forum, and will be sitting down with CNBC’s Mario Bartiromo and Bloomberg’s Eric Schatzker. The CNBC interview is airing right now, and the Bloomberg segment will air at 11:15 EST, according to a tweet from a producer at the network.

If this wasn’t planned, it’s certainly ironic. As many know, Gasparino has had a long-running feud with Morgan Stanley, once claiming that MS representatives made death threats towards him. In addition, the Fox Business reporter is never shy about gloating that he had news on Morgan Stanley months before it was publicized by the firm.

We’re checking in with Fox to see if they’ve got something scheduled with Gorman. We’ll keep you posted on their response.

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