It Looks Like It's Going To Be Another Horror Day For Telstra And The NBN


There’s a lot of headlines around this morning about the National Broadband Network, after Telstra workers were reportedly exposed to dangerous asbestos while working on the roll out.

Yesterday it was reported workplace relations minister Bill Shorten warned Telstra in 2009 to act on the danger that asbestos-lined underground boxes used for the network posed to workers.

Telstra and NBN Co have an $11 billion agreement under which Telstra repairs or replaces pits in preparation for the NBN.

According to The Australian, Shorten yesterday met with Telstra boss Dave Thodey and NBN CEO Mike Quigley, before announcing a national register of asbestos incidents and a task force to oversee safety checks.

As the PR disaster unfolds, it could shape up to be a big few days for all involved.

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