It looks like Holden's last Aussie car will be a GTS-R

HSV’s current flagship, the GEN-F2 GTS

Holden’s last Aussie hurrah is looking to be a mean, supercharged V8 machine.

HSV has trademarked the GTS-R badge, last used on special edition Commodores in 1995 and 1996.

Business Insider reached out to HSV about it, but received a no comment.

The news comes after Wheels Magazine reported rumours in August that Holden’s swansong to the Commodore would revive the GTS-R nameplate.

The theory is it will have a supercharged LS9 V8 under the bonnet – the same power plant in Chevrolet’s Corvette ZR1 – and limited to just 100 cars.

The original HSV GTS-R which had a 217kW V8 engine.

Expect it to feature at least 476kW of power and 819Nm of torque, all through the rear-wheels. If it goes into production, the GTS-R will become the most powerful Australian car ever built, easily surpassing the current record holder, HSV’s GTS flagship, which puts out 430kW of power and 740Nm in torque.

And price?

Well above $100,000, but below the $150,000 of 2008’s disastrous HSV W427, which didn’t even sell half the amount HSV had planned to build.

On top of the new beastly engine, the GTS-R will wear a unique body kit with a big spoiler as well as larger Brembo brakes, with carbon-ceramics as a possible option.

It’s expected to appear at some point in 2016.

While Holden’s production shuts in 2017, HSV will continue to produce cars, most likely performance variants of GMH cars out of Germany.

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