It Looks Like A Great Weekend To Try This Excellent Lawnmowing Trick

Summer is coming.

And with it comes beer and barbecues, long, lazy afternoons stretching well into the evening and hopefully some backyard cricket if our Ashes performance hasn’t all but killed the spirit of the sport in our children.

Nothing sets it all off quite like the sound of the mower and the smell of cut grass.

If only it wasn’t so… messy.

Thankfully, clever Brit YouTuber 99bbtom has the answer, turning his mower into a robot slave using just a pole and a bit of rope.

It takes some tweaking – including varying the width of the pole according to one user’s algorithm [(3.14 x width of machine)/2] – but it’s worth it if only for the neat pattern.

ProTip: It works better if you have a circular lawn.

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