It looks like a bad fuel pump caused 20 cars to break down on one of Sydney's major roads today

Dodgy fuel could be to blame after about 20 cars broke down during the morning commute in Sydney today.

The drivers had all filled up with E10 petrol at a Caltex service station on the M4 in Prospect in Sydney’s west.

The vehicles have since been cleared.

Caltex has closed the E10 pump at the service station and a technical team is investigating the issues which a spokesperson described as “isolated” and said no other fuels had been affected.

Caltex is advising customers to hold onto their receipts and call its customer service line on 1800 240 398.

An NRMA spokesperson told News Corp the roadside assistance group had received “up to a dozen calls” and thinks twice as many cars were affected.

The spokesperson said contaminated fuel incidents tended to happen after heavy rain when cracks in petrol station tanks can let water to seep in.

There’s more here.

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