According to Senator Harry Reid, Democrats and Republicans have agreed on $38 billion worth of cuts. The only sticking point, he says, is funding of Planned Parenthood.

Good to know.

In the meantime, John Boehner is due to give an update any minute now and Harry Reid has a floor speech planned for 11

Update Boehner is talking now… We’re getting closer to a deal, but that’s not it.

He says the Democrats should pass a “Troop Funding Bill” so that troops will be paid during the shutdown no matter what.

Update 11:04: Now Harry Reid is talking… Talking specifically about women’s health, and thus why Planned Parenthood is a big issue.

“The Republicans are asking me to sacrifice my wife’s health.”

Update 11:35: Via CNBC, GOP Senator Mitch McConnell says a deal is expected shortly.

Update 14:06: Harry Reid is having another press conference. Hitting on the same themes as earlier. Says it’s all down to “riders.”

Reid really hitting on the women’s health aspect again.

Now Senator Patty Murray is talking.

Planned Parenthood

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