The Obvious Problems With The Ceasefire Demands Of Both Israel And Hamas

gazaAn Israeli missile struck the headquarters of the Palestinian National Security Forces early Monday.

Photo: YouTube/RTarabic

Egyptian officials are currently attempting to broker a ceasefire agreement between Israel and Hamas, and although Egyptian President Mohamed Morsi is optimistic, it’s not clear how each sides demands will be reached.Israeli officials told BBC that Israel’s demands are as follows: 

1) No hostile fire of any kind to come from Gaza into Israel

2) Hamas fighters must be stopped from travelling to the Sinai to carry out attacks against Israel at the Sinai/Israel border

3) Hamas mustn’t be able to rearm.

4) A ceasefire must not simple be a “time-out” for Hamas, it must be an extended period of quiet for Southern Israel.

For it’s part Hamas demands a guarantee from Israel that it will stop all acts of aggression and end its blockade of Gaza.

“Whoever started the war must end it,” Hamas leader Khaled Meshaal told a news conference in Cairo. “The people of Gaza are not asking for an end of the war, they are asking for their rights, they are asking that Israel end its assassinations and its raids and lift the blockade of Gaza… Certain demands must be met.”

Someone has to stop shooting, but both sides want the other to do so first. And it’s unlikely that Israel will life the naval blockade.

For now talks continue in Egypt while rockets are fired into Israel and air strikes occur in Gaza.

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