Israeli Soldier Shoots Clever GoPro Video Documenting His Military Discharge

An Israeli soldier used a GoPro to make this very interesting video chronicling his discharge from military service.

Every able-bodied Israeli (who is not enrolled in an Orthodox Jewish Synagogue to become a Rabbi) must do a minimum of three years military service.

The video starts off with him and a bit of narration (translated below) then it follows him as he turns in gear and fills out paperwork — usually a tedious and miserable process — until finally he cuts his military ID and heads off to freedom.

Here are the translations of his spoken portions —

Wednesday, 20.11.2013

We’ll sleep well, get up tomorrow morning, drive to the battalion and return all of the equipment. On Sunday I’ll go to “Artilleryman’s House” and complete my discharge. Good night.

Thursday, 21.11.2013

Returning the Aleph uniform and equipment to the Battalion

Saturday, 23.11.2013

Tomorrow i’m going to Zichron Yaakov, to “Artilleryman’s House”, to cut my soldier ID and discharge finally. Exciting day tomorrow … Good night.

Sunday, 24.11.2013

Day of Discharge!

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