Israel Is Feeling All Alone


Time magazine reports that Israelis are feeling increasingly anxious about the events swirling around them.  Peace with Egypt has been a key assumption of Israeli national security for 30 years.  For planning purposes, that assumption no longer applies.  Time reports:

Israeli press reports described a weekend of frantic meetings in the upper echelons of government. The Israeli defence Forces, which have concentrated most of their attention on the borders with Lebanon and Gaza, were described as preparing new deployments to the south, where Israel fought wars with Egypt four times. U.S. diplomatic cables published by WikiLeaks last year included diplomats’ complaints that the Egyptian military continued to regard Israel as its principal enemy and prepared for war in the Sinai Desert, which lies between them.

“I have no doubt that the whole defence establishment will now ask for bigger budgets and say, ‘Well, we have to adjust ourselves to a situation where Egypt is not the cooperative partner we had until a week ago,'” says Oded Eran, director of the Institute for National Security Studies, a Tel Aviv think tank brimming with retired generals. “Egypt is sort of the beacon or marker for security tension, for dangers with the Arab world.”

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