Watch an Israeli rocket launcher intercept a missile from a moving ship

Israel iron dome

Israel is taking its missile defence to a new level.

Last week, the country’s military gave us a glimpse of its brand-new “Iron Dome of the sea,” the maritime version of its highly successful Iron Dome missile-defence system.

The land-based Iron Dome system intercepted 700 rockets fired by Hamas in 2014 for a 90% success rate, according to The Wall Street Journal.

A dramatic video released by the Israel Defence Forces shows the defence system, mounted on an Israeli Navy vessel, targeting an incoming missile and blasting it out of the sky.

Slow-motion replays of the launch make the footage all the more captivating:

According to The Journal, Israel hopes the maritime Iron Dome will weaken attacks by Hamas or Hezbollah on the country’s two gas rigs 20 miles off shore.

The artillery unit is designed for use on a moving ship travelling up to cruise speed, according to the Times of Israel.

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