Israel can now hide missile launch systems in shipping containers

While North Korea alarms the world with missiles that keep falling into the ocean, Israel has found a way to simply ship them secretly across it first.

Its state-run Aerospace Industries (IAI) just released a video showing the capability of its Long-Range Artillery (LORA) missile system. The solid-fuel missiles it carries can travel 400km in under 10 minutes.

That’s not a huge range, and Israel has been developing the LORA missile for more than a decade.

The real trick this week is how portable its system now is. LORA can fit in a shipping container. Spot the missile:

Picture: IAI/YouTube


“Typical targets are fixed or transportable including infrastructure assets,” IAI announced with the video.

“The missile can be launched within minutes from unprepared positions. Any target whose location is known within the range of the missile can be attacked within less than 10 minutes from the launch decision.”

The system has a shelf life within its sealed canister of seven years before it requires any maintenance.

Four missiles can be sealed inside and transported on a “regular 16 ton flat-bed truck”, as IAI showed earlier this week in this video:

The missile was tracked and, according to IAI, successfully hit its land-based target.

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