The 'Beast from the East' is so cold that the sea has frozen at the Isle of Wight

Island Echo/FacebookA still from video footage showing the frozen harbour on the Isle of Wight.

The “Beast from the East” is so cold that even the sea is freezing.

Britain is currently caught in the icy grip of a freezing weather system that originated in Siberia. London and much of the rest of the country is coated in snow, with the “Beast from the East” causing temperatures well below freezing.

It’s so cold, in fact, that the sea itself has frozen over at one part of the Isle of Wight – one of the southern-most parts of the country.

Frozen harbourIsland Echo/FacebookThat’s real chilly.

Part of Bembridge Harbour, a seawater port on the east side of the 148-square-mile island has frozen, video footage posted on Facebook by local publication Island Echo shows, trapping the boats moored there.

Sea water typically freezes at around -2 degrees Celsius – but warmer subsurface fluid and its constant movement means it rarely does, even in sub-zero air temperatures.

Bembridge harbourIsland Echo/FacebookThose boats aren’t going anywhere any time soon.

Elsewhere in the UK flights have been cancelled, and the Met Office is predicting power cuts and road closures, while Scotland is on red alert. Hundreds of schools have been closed, and at least one man has died.

Isle of wight mapGoogle MapsThe location of Bembridge Harbour on the Isle of Wight.

Here’s the full video of Bembridge Harbour:

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