A man accused of plotting to put a Barbie doll bomb on a flight from Sydney has been sentenced to death in Iraq

Patrick Riviere/Getty ImagesAn Etihad Airways aircraft.

A former Islamic State (IS) member accused of plotting to blow up an Etihad flight departing Sydney using a bomb concealed in a meat grinder and a Barbie doll has been given the death penalty.

Lebanese national Tarek Khayat, one of four brothers involved in the plot, was sentenced to death by hanging by Alrasafah Central Criminal Court in Baghdad this week over his role as an IS commander in Iraq, according to News Corp.

It follows his arrest in Raqqa, formerly one of the terrorist group’s strongholds, earlier this year.

Following sentencing Khayat told News Corp he was not involved in the alleged plot, claiming his involvement is “propaganda.”

Under Iraqi law, Khayat has 10 days to appeal against the sentence, which did not include charges relating to the plane plot in Australia.

The Australian Federal Police previously alleged the 48-year-old directed his Sydney-based brothers to plant a bomb on the flight to Abu Dhabi in July 2017.

In May, his brothers Khaled and Mahmoud, who are Australian citizens, pleaded not guilty to terrorism charges over the plot.

They will face trial in the NSW Supreme Court next year.

The group of brothers are accused of planting the bomb in the luggage of a fourth brother, Amer Khayat, a Lebanese-Australian dual national.

He also facing the death penalty in Beirut, where he is accused of being involved in the plot.

The attack was foiled when Etihad check-in staff told Amer his bags were overweight.

“At no stage did the IED breach security,” AFP deputy commissioner Michael Phelan said following the discovery.

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