ISIS reportedly killed the baby of an Australian man who tried to abandon the terrorist group

Photo: Nashir.

The baby of an Australian man fighting with the Islamic State has reportedly been murdered by the terrorist group.

According to a report by The Daily Telegraph, intelligence agencies believe the baby, an Australian citizen, was killed as punishment after the father tried to abandon the terrorist group.

The newspaper reports the father had made contact with Australian authorities as part of his plan to escape the Middle Eastern war zone.

Authorities are preparing for more instances of Australians trying to return home after fighting with ISIS in the Middle East, as the terrorists begin to lose ground in their Iraq stronghold of Mosul and its Syrian counterpart, Raqqa.

In response to the reports, a spokesman for attorney-general GeorgeĀ­ Brandis has repeated previous warnings about traveling to the conflicted area, condemning “any parent who takes their family to the conflict zone”.

The Australian government has both Syria and Iraq listed as areas of “Do not travel,” on the SmartTraveller website.

In fact, it is illegal for Australians to travel to these areas with the intention to engage in hostile activity. If they do they will face prosecution under Australian law and may have their citizenship revoked.

Currently, around 100 Australian citizens are fighting as ISIS militants in the Middle East.

The Daily Telegraph has more.

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