ISIS Is Reportedly Trying To Sell James Foley's Remains For $1 Million

James FoleyAPJames Foley

People with ties to Islamic State are reportedly trying to negotiate the sale of American hostage James Foley’s remains, according to BuzzFeed News.

ISIS is reportedly attempting to sell the body and deliver it across the Syrian border to Turkey, sources in contact with the terror group told Mike Giglio at BuzzFeed.

One source told BuzzFeed that an ISIS leader approached him about the sale of Foley’s body and asked if he could get in contact with someone within the US government or Foley’s family.

ISIS executed Foley on camera and posted the video online in August. He was captured in northwest Syria on Thanksgiving Day 2012.

The terror group makes millions of dollars from its hostages.

They typically demand ransoms from the countries the hostages are from, but some countries, like the US, refuse to pay up. Selling Foley’s remains seems to be a way for ISIS to make money off of him in lieu of a ransom.

Since Foley’s death, ISIS has executed three other Western hostages — US journalist Steven Sotloff, British aid worker Alan Henning, and US aid worker Peter Kassig. The executions seem to be retaliation for airstrikes in the Middle East.

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