ISIS has issued calls for ‘lone wolf’ attacks on the Opera House, MCG and Bondi

Photo: Nashir

Islamic State has issued fresh calls for terror attacks in Australia, targeting iconic landmarks including the Opera House, MCG and Bondi.

In the first edition of Rumiyah, Islamic State’s online magazine, which was released yesterday, the terrorist group has urged followers to stab, shoot, and poison Australian people.

“Light the ground beneath them aflame and scorch them with terror. Kill them on the streets of Brunswick, Broadmeadows, Bankstown, and Bondi. Kill them at the MCG, the SCG, the Opera House, and even in their backyards,” the article reads.

“Stab them, shoot them, poison them, and run them down with your vehicles. Kill them wherever you find them until the hollowness of their arrogance is filled with terror and they find themselves on their knees with their backs broken under the weight of regret for having waged a war against the believers, and by Allah’s will, and then through your sacrifices, this Ummah will be victorious.”

It refers to Australia as “a land cloaked in darkness and corrupted by kufr, fornication, and all forms of vice”.

The issue also includes a four-page article on the death of Australian jihadist Ezzit Raad in Syria.

Raad was jailed in connection with the 2005 plot to blow up the MCG.

He left Australia in 2013 after being released from jail and before the government had begun a comprehensive system of cancelling passports of those they suspected of planning to join the war in Syria.

The authenticity of the magazine has been confirmed by the SITE Intelligence Group, a leading counterterrorism organisation.

In response to the threats, Prime minister Malcolm Turnbull has reiterated the necessity of strong regional co-operation to unite against the terrorist group.

Speaking from Laos, off the back of talks at the G20 summit in China, Turnbull said while the capacity of ISIS was “much less than they proclaim them to be” Australia does need to be “very alert to the actions of these lone actors.”

“As Daesh (Islamic State) comes under more and more pressure on the battlefield in Syria and in Iraq — as it is rolled back, as its territory is being taken back — it will resort to terrorist activities outside of the Middle East,” he said.

Turnbull is Laos for what he has described as a “premier forum” to discuss issues of security and economic security in the region.

“Sharing of intelligence is more important than ever before,” he said.

“Counter-terrorism too is going to be a key focus of these meetings over the next few days.”

US President Barack Obama, Russian President Vladimir Putin and Chinese Premier Li Keqiang are also in Laos’s capital Vientiane to attend the South-East Asian and East Asian summits.