SORRY, KNICKS FANS: Isiah Thomas Is Still Running The Show In New York

Isiah Thomas

Photo: AP

Adrian Wojnarowski’s column on Yahoo Sports today reveals a truth that most Knicks fans had feared, but didn’t want to think about — Isiah Thomas is still the de facto boss of the New York Knicks.No, Isiah isn’t collecting secret paychecks, but Knicks owner James Dolan is so enthralled with Isiah’s basketball wisdom that major franchise decisions are still being made on Thomas’ advice, often against the wishes of the real GM, Donnie Walsh.

If the Knicks give away the farm for Carmelo Anthony, it will because of Thomas’ influence not Walsh’s. One front office exec says Isiah is “calling the shots” and Walsh has humiliated and undermined.

Nevermind that it was Walsh who has spent three years admirably undoing the damage of Thomas’ first go-around: A ruined salary cap position, a depleted roster of injury-prone stiffs, and thousands of empty seats at Madison Square Garden.

Now Walsh is likely to be let go and replaced with someone who will do Isiah’s bidding … because Thomas already has a full-time job as coach of the (9-17) Florida International Panthers.

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