Isiah Thomas Is "A Two-Bit AAU Middleman Peddling Imaginary Influence"

Isiah Thomas

Photo: AP

Isiah Thomas has privately grumbled the world hasn’t given him his due as de facto street agent for the New York Knicks, that there were no bouquets for his imaginary recruitments of Amar’e Stoudemire and Carmelo Anthony. He has brokered his bull on Knicks owner James Dolan, on the false prophecy that Chris Paul is a wide-eyed teenager eventually willing to come out of love and loyalty to his childhood idol.From immortal player to NBA president, GM and coach, Thomas has completed his transformation into a two-bit AAU middleman peddling imaginary influence to a sad, lonely delusional Dolan. Thomas is taking his hat off to himself today, on his way to getting Florida International’s backend kicked at Western Kentucky.

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