Isentia has taken media monitoring competitor Meltwater to court

Daniel Munoz/Getty Images

Australia’s biggest media monitor group, Isentia, has launched legal action against a rising competitor, Meltwater, its local managing director and his wife.

In the Federal court action, iSentia alleges breach of contracts for media intelligence services. Meltwater says it will strenuously defend the action.

Isentia alleges Meltwater has subscribed to Isentia’s print monitoring services and then provided that content to Meltwater clients.

The Australian company alleges Meltwater, founded in Norway, also defrauded leading publishers such as News Corp and Fairfax Media of revenue on the content involved.

Isentia has sought urgent injunctions from the court restraining Meltwater’s conduct, as well as damages and costs.

The matter returns to court Tuesday next week.

Meltwater later issued a statement saying the matter is in its preliminary state and none of the allegations have been tested.

“Meltwater intends to strenuously defend the matter,” a spokesman said.

“Meltwater does not condone or promote activities such as claimed by iSentia. We greatly value our relationship with, and responsibility to, the publishers and our customers.

“As in all court proceedings, it is inappropriate to litigate the matter by press release and Meltwater will make no further comment at this time.”

iSentia’s latest results have been dragged down by its move into content marketing, issuing a profit warning in February.

However, last month iSnetia CEO John Croll confirmed revenue for 2017 is tracking to the consensus estimate of $162 million.

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