The Man Behind A Website That Let You Post Nude Pics Of Your Ex Is Back With A Brand New Venture

hunter moore revenge porn

Photo: LordAkaneon/YouTube

Be careful where you send those naked pictures.A site that solicited naked pictures of your ex, or basically anyone you dislike, might be back after facing intense legal pressure from Internet heavyweights like Facebook. was created by Hunter Moore as a dumping ground for anyone to submit naked pictures of exes, enemies, and anyone in between. At its height, the site was viewed by a quarter of a million people every day, Gizmodo reported Wednesday.

But Facebook threatened to flex its legal muscle against the site in December 2011 because it posted people’s naked pictures next to screenshots of their Facebook profiles to make it crystal-clear who they were, Forbes reported at the time.

So the site eventually shut down.

But now it’s back in the form of HunterMoore.TV, BetaBeat reported Wednesday morning.

And from the sound of things, HunterMoore.TV is just a different name for its slightly pornographic frontrunner.

Check out the welcome statement posted to the site’s homepage:


Photo: HunterMoore.TV

The new site’s submission page should send chills down the spine of anyone even thinking about sending a significant other some racy pictures.

From Gizmodo:

“This is streamlined porn terrorism. You can submit up to 10 shots of your victim at once, and asks that you include a link to the person’s Facebook profile. Expect this to temporarily ruin many social lives once it opens its doors to jilted lovers and sociopaths.”

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