Is This The New Mac Mini? No (AAPL)


It’s widely rumoured that Apple (AAPL) will be refreshing its Mac mini soon — perhaps during marketing exec Phil Schiller’s keynote at next month’s Macworld conference. (They sure need to — Apple’s desktop Mac sales plummeted last month.) So is this picture obtained by Macenstein an ad for it?

We highly doubt it. There’s a lot of reasons why not in the comments on Macenstein’s post — Apple leaks are never (rarely?) through ads, Apple doesn’t use blue LEDs, stupid tag line, etc.

But we think it’s even more obvious this is a fake: There’s no reason for a desktop computer to have a curved, round top. And there’s no way we can’t see why Steve Jobs would approve an ugly lip like that on a desktop. (As a reader points out, Apple’s Airport Extreme and Time Capsules have a similar looking lip, so anything’s possible.)

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