Is this the most insane 'dude food' hamburger in the world?

The burger bomb. Source:

The Vulgar Chef is a blog that makes Anthony Bourdain look like a nun.

It’s an expletive-laden exercise in excess that’s funny, fun and downright delicious, in the best-of-the-worst kind of way, written by a guy in Westfield, Massachusetts, population 42,200.

He likes to take the worst moments in “dude food” and turn the dial up to 11. His other culinary creations include the choco-taco ice cream sandwich, spaghetti-stuffed meatballs, caramel-covered meatballs and marijuana-infused fried chicken.

As he describes himself on the blog: “When I’m not putting my terrible spelling and grammar to good use here, you can generally find me burning Little Caesars pizzas, shitting with the door open, and swearing in public.”

He likes to mess with your head and food and his latest invention is both brilliant and insane — a burger made with a bun made from chips, with cheese. He’s called it the “French fry burger bomb” and you’d need to head to his website to realise just how profanity-laden the original working title was (don’t say we didn’t warn you). It’s his improvement on the earlier “burger fry balls“.

We hope he’s trademarked this moment of genius before it’s stolen by burger joints across America.

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