Is This The Most Bullish Thing Ever To Happen With Bitcoin?

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If this catches on Bitcoin could go to the moon.

My favoured place to watch Bitcoin’s price movements is It takes feeds from a number of sources and you can watch the price of Bitcoins in a number of different currencies. Usually it’s a Mt Gox feed in US dollars.

But this morning when the page loaded there was the following message.

Can a changed price quote drive more demand for Bitcoins?

So instead of Bitcoin being quoted in at $1230 near the new all time high of $1242 it was quote at a much more accessible 1.230.

Now it just simple maths, the new unit is 1/100th of a Bitcoin but as the share market and stock splits have shown over the years often, sometimes inevitably, all the split does is give renewed fuel to a bullish pulse.

The behavioural psychologists and economists will tell us that if this trend catches on and Bitcoins are suddenly “more affordable” (even if they are now only 1000th of a coin then more people can operate in the market and with a limited supply the price of Bitcoins will rally.

I think I might go buy me some Bitcoins.

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