Is This MySpace's New Logo?

Fifteen months after Specific Media bought MySpace — and owner/pop star Justin Timberlake swore that he’d make it cool — the site has finally gotten a makeover.

Not only does the social networking site have a Pinterest-like new look, but a video introducing changes also reveals a potential new logo. (See below).

It has the classic MySpace trio … but this time they’re standing in a straight line. MySpace could also be adopting the new logo trend of nixing the company’s name from the design. (Domino’s and Starbucks did it).

People were heavily critical of MySpace’s 2010 logo change that altered the original look to My_____. We’ll see how this one fares.

While there hasn’t been much talk about the logo, the blogosphere has been underwhelmed about MySpace’s reemergence. “The mere existence of a “new Myspace” makes me want to hurl,” Tech Crunch writes in a headline. “Just let it go.”

myspace logo change

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