Is This Groupon's Secret Sauce?

Groupon cat

Photo: Dan Frommer, Business Insider

A big part of Groupon’s success is its editorial voice. In a market where there are so few barriers to entry, it’s important for customers to trust and love Groupon’s brand, and a big way they do that is thanks to the quirky humour of their copy on the deals.On Hacker News, we found a public Google Doc called “Strategies to Achieve Groupon Voice.” It seems to be a quick and dirty guide for new copywriters (Groupon is obviously hiring at an incredible clip) to achieve the “Groupon voice.” We assume the doc was left public either because of bad security or, more likely, because Groupon is hiring so fast that they can’t invite everyone. If people don’t know the URL, they can’t access the doc even if it is public on the web.

We’re trying to find out more about the doc, whether it’s real, whether we can find something else.. In the meantime, here it is. We assume it’ll go private soon, but don’t worry, we’ve got screenshots.

Here it is.

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