Google To Air Romantic Search Commercial During Super Bowl

Google’s Super Bowl commercial will be a brand ad for its search engine, John Battelle reports, not an ad for its Nexus One smartphone, as we had previously suspected. (Which, we’d still argue, makes much more sense.)

This commercial is called “Parisian Love” and shows a person’s search queries while romantic piano music plays in the background.

Google CEO Eric Schmidt all but confirmed the company would be advertising during the Super Bowl in a tweet earlier this afternoon. “Can’t wait to watch the Superbowl tomorrow,” he said. “Be sure to watch the ads in the 3rd quarter (someone said “Hell has indeed frozen over.”)”

Here’s Battelle:

Well I’ve got a pretty reliable source who is telling me Google plans to hit the branded advertising big leagues this Sunday – the source says Google’s “Parisian Love” ad (below) will air during the third quarter of the Super Bowl.

Now that would be a true turning point for the brand – a brand that, for nearly 10 years, dismissed brand advertising as a waste of money (“The last bastion of unaccountable spending in corporate America,” in Eric Schmidt’s words back in 2006), and built its entire fortune on turning the advertising model upside down.

I can’t find the ad in this lineup of SuperBowl advertisers, but I’d not be surprised if Google had asked CBS to keep their name out of the pre-game hype (my source was told Google was keeping this quiet). File this as a strong rumour for now, as I can’t get a secondary confirmation – though Google’s response was pretty telling.

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