Domino’s Debuts New Logo In New Zealand

new domino's logo new zealand

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Domino’s official Facebook page in New Zealand has debuted the above logo, posting, “We are excited to share our NEW logo with you! What do you think? It’s going to be integrated across all our promotions and stores in coming months, but we wanted you to see it first!”The pizza chain’s CEO, Don Meij, explained the change in a press release.

“It was time to improve the one thing that signifies our brand – by creating a new clean, crisp and strong brand logo that reflects our new directions,” Meij said. “We want to signal outside that something has changed inside, we want people to think differently about Domino’s and believe this new logo design is the right step.”

But not everyone loves the new logo.

Fans have left angry comments including, “Is that Cambria font? You could make that logo in like 3 minutes

domino's logo
Here’s Domino’s original logo.

on publisher,” “Dislike,” and “how about Domi-NO.”Never fear, for now it looks like the new logo is staying in New Zealand.

“We allow our international markets to customise their pizza recipes to cater to local tastes; likewise, we give them leeway in terms of marketing,” Tim McIntyre, Domino’s VP of Communications, wrote to Business Insider in an email. “We have nothing to report about a new logo design in the U.S.

For now, Domino’s website still instructs the media to use the original logo (right).