Is This Citi Rookie A Complete Fool, Or Did Someone Prank The Poor Guy?

Citi banker

Photo: Cleo

An embarrassing email apparently sent by a brand new Citigroup employee to a group of analysts and associates at the bank’s institutional clients group in Australia is making the rounds. “Looking to be a rock star at this place – feel free to send through
your tips, but I think I’ve got this one covered,” the email stated including two attachments of the young banker. 

The first attachment appears to be from a course catalogue from an Australian university drumming up the bachelor’s in commerce.  The Citi employee is featured in the clipping posing against a wall. 

The other is a clip from Cleo, an Australian magazine.  This might provide a hint to why someone might be pulling a prank on the poor guy.

Here’s why.

The rookie Citi employee once told Cleo, in order to be successful “you need to be thick-skinned.  I guess the ‘alpha-male’ type.”

Looks like someone might be seeing just how thick his skin really his. 

Citi was not immediately available for comment at the time of publication. 

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