This Leaked Employee Training Menu May Be Revealing Burger King's New Summer Items

burger king summer menu

Photo: Foodbeast

It’s almost summer, so fast food chains are prepping their menus for the change in seasons.

Foodbeast’s Elie Ayrouth scored a document from a Burger King employee which shows that it has started training workers on the new summer menu.

The employee tells Foodbeast that the menu will be available for three months, but there’s no confirmation yet about how long the items will stay on the menu or if the items will be launched nationwide.

It’s going to be an important summer for Burger King. The chain was bumped to the #3 spot in the industry by Wendy’s at the end of last year, and the pressure to succeed is on as it prepares to go public again.

What’s on the menu? Here’s a rundown, filled with mostly brand new items:

  • Carolina BBQ Whopper
  • Texas BBQ Whopper
  • Memphis BBQ Pulled Pork Sandwich
  • Bacon Sundae
  • Frozen Lemonades
  • Sweet potato fries

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