Is This Apple’s New Mac Mini?


Perhaps a leaked photo means Apple (AAPL) is finally close to unveiling its updated Mac mini?

A MacRumors forum member posted this photo today, claiming it’s the new mini. What’s different? A second display port for Apple’s new MiniDisplayPort connector, a fifth USB port, and an updated FireWire 800 port.

Unlike the last supposed leaked photo of a Mac mini, this one looks pretty legit. It also looks like Apple is not changing the size/shape of the mini.

An updated Mac mini (and ideally, an updated iMac) should help boost Apple’s desktop computer sales, which are suffering. We know there is at least some pent-up demand for new minis — we’ll be among the first in line to buy one, after which we’ll retire our current Mac mini to the living room HDTV.

MacRumors says it’s been 562 days since Apple last updated the Mac mini, or more than three times the average 188 days between updates.