Is This Apple's First Official Image Of The New iWatch?

Apple may have inadvertently (or deliberately, or not at all) given the world a clue to what the long-awaited iWatch might look like, according to 9to5Mac.

At the 30-second mark in a new commercial for the iPhone, called “Music Every Day,” a boy can be seen drumming on a table with his hands … while wearing a chunky black watch with a simple, circle-in-a-square face.

Does this mean the iWatch will use iTunes? Is this a design of which Apple approves?

Who knows.

Here are some screengrabs of the mysterious watch. Click to enlarge:

iWatch Apple


iWatch Apple


Apple iWatch

Of course, it could just be a trendy watch that the actor brought to the set himself.

Here’s the full commercial. The watch appears at about 30 seconds.

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