INFOGRAPHIC: Is There Any Hope For Yahoo?

The internet has yielded some of the most rapid rises and falls in the history of business. MySpace, Alta Vista, AOL, and others have shot to the top of prominence in their niche only to fall to complete irrelevance in the segment that they once dominated. Alta Vista is gone and MySpace is on its last leg, but AOL continues to hang in there and reinvent itself, giving hope to those inside and even a few on the outside.

Is Yahoo the next AltaVista failure or can it muster a comeback?

They’ve had some good news lately with strong profit and revenues slightly better than expected. The long-term trends are pointing downward, but the company is still huge in comparison to most and is making cuts to clean up the books. It’s not enough to keep everyone from jumping ship.

This graphic tipped by Edmond Chevrolet shows that there hasn’t been a lot to latch onto in recent years. Will the cuts be enough to save the sinking ship? Will they be able to build a revenue model and partner with the right companies to become as profitable as they once were? Can enough coincidence be built in the company’s future to push shares up above the $20 mark for the first time in nearly 4 years

The answer to these and other questions will determine whether Yahoo will be around in 5 years or not.


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