Is The U.S. Pushing Pakistan Towards Civil War?

As BIs own Robert Johnson and the New York Times are documenting, things are getting nasty between the US and Pakistan in the wake of Osama bin Laden’s killing in Abbottabad last week.

The reason is obvious: Pakistan has clearly been playing what the US calls a “double game” with regard not just to Bin Laden’s whereabouts, but the whole Sunni political Islam movement in Pakistan and Afghanistan.

While true, this has ALSO a) been going on FOR YEARS and, more importantly, b) EVERYONE INVOLVED KNEW IT WAS HAPPENING.

The key element here is the decades-long simmering conflict within the Inter-Services Intelligence agency, better known as ISI,

between the pro-political Islam wing, which has supported not just Osama, but the Taliban, in both Afghanistan and Pakistan, and the ANTI-political Islam wing, which argues Pakistan’s future lies with the US and some kind of accommodation with India.

While certainly not intentional, the fact the US is suddenly and visibly pushing Pakistan — largely, we suspect, because Obama sees how popular the killing is in the US, and the disarray into which it’s thrown the Republicans — risks the danger of precipitating a civil war in Pakistan — starting in the ISI, whose conflicts can no longer be papered over, and then spreading outward through the Pakistan elite and into the society at large.

This YouTube video lays out the entire situation in detail.

It’s a tricky game the US is playing, and it doesn’t quite seem to understand the potential implications.

Hold on to your hats, everyone — this could be a REAL problem, especially with, as the video points out, India and Afghanistan BOTH looming over Pakistan, to make sure what they see as THEIR interests are protected as things play out …