Is the Uber tide starting to turn?

Two data points aren’t enough to declare something a trend but the last two days have been good for Uber.

In a stunning turn yesterday, the ACT announced that Uber and other ride-sharing services will be legalised by the end of the month.

Today, Toronto city council announced they will look into doing the same.

The council voted to create a “legal framework” through which ride sharing companies would be able to operate on a “level playing field” with taxis. The new rules are expected to be finalised by March next year.

Numbers posted on the Toronto Council website indicate that more than 500,000 UberX rides are taken every month, and that the total number of passengers is growing by up to 20,000 per week.

But even with these wins Uber has a long way to go. As Business Insider pointed out earlier this year, the service is banned in a great many places.

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