Is The NDAA Being Used To Start A War With Iran?

The NDAA — it’s not just for detaining American citizens in military prisons for life without trial, charges or attorney access anymore! And using the military to do so, even on U.S. soil!

Now it’s being used to basically provoke war with Iran, by totally shafting what’s left of their damaged economy and failing currency!

Silly President Obama! We don’t need or want yet another ultra-expensive, sketchy pre-emptive war in the Middle East, which will cost untold billions, put our soldiers in harm’s way, and only enrich private defence contractors.

“Thanks to the NDAA, the President can impose even stricter sanctions,” Ashley Carey, our West Coast contributor, reports in the in-depth clip below, posted earlier this evening to DavidSeamanOnline and our affiliate sites.

2012 Apocalypse Right On Schedule? NDAA Sanctions For Iran:

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