Is The Mafia On Facebook?

Italian police are looking into the Facebook pages and groups glorifying the Mafia under the suspicion that some members are more than just Godfather fans.

The New York Times: To the best of anyone’s knowledge, no convicted Mafiosi have their own Facebook pages, though it is tempting to imagine the status updates: “Totò Riina is looking to buy a judge.” “Bernardo Provenzano wishes he didn’t have to serve so many life sentences.”

However, Facebook has taken down some Mafia-related content, saying that members have violated the site’s terms of use by posting “harmful, threatening, unlawful..” material. Some groups such as “Totò Riina, the Real Boss of Bosses,” promoting jailed Mafia boss Salvatore Riina, known as Totò, have closed their general membership after its members’ discussions received attention in the press.

But Italian politicians are especially concerned about the networking website and its possible Mafia ties.

Last week, a member of Parliament’s anti-Mafia commission, Senator Gianpiero D’Alia, called for a government investigation and urged his colleagues to remove their Facebook pages until the site took down pro-Mafia groups.

“We can’t accept in virtual reality what we don’t accept in real reality,” Mr. D’Alia said in a telephone interview.

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