Is The iPad 2 Going To Be Insanely Cheap?

steve jobs ipad

Photo: AP

Is Apple’s iPad 2, expected next year, going to be ridiculously cheap?That’s one way to read this DigiTimes report, which claims that Apple is expected to order 6 million iPad 2s per month from its suppliers, up from 4 million iPads per quarter for the current version.

We’ve long thought that the future of the iPad — and the future of computing — is a scenario where people have multiple tablets per household and office, shared among many people.

For that to happen, the iPad will have to cost much less than its current $499 starting price — perhaps closer to $200. If anything, a lower price tag could be the iPad 2’s most important feature. (Though we’ll be the first to admit that we would be astonished if the iPad 2 cost only $200. A $100 price cut to $399 is the most we’d anticipate.)

So is that the real takeaway from this DigiTimes information? Or is DigiTimes full of beans?

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