Is The GOP's Obsession With The Deficit Crowding Out Any Other Good Ideas


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Last night we watched a few minutes of the GOP debate for the party’s Senate nomination to challenge Democrat Kirsten Gillebrand in November.It’s going to be a big year for the GOP, but Gillebrand is probably safe. But still the debate was illuminating, here’s why: All we heard anyone talk about was spending and the deficit.

Seriously, that was it. It seemed to be the only issue that anyone wanted to talk about, even when the points they were making were total non-sequiters, such as talking about how the key to creating jobs in New York was trimming spending in Washington.

It’s no surprise that this was the talk, seeing as polls show the deficit being a huge issue for the electorate. But still, we have to wonder whether this is going to “crowd out” (to use a favourite term among deficit hawks) other conservative ideas about addressing the structural issues in the economy. If so, given the post-November challenges, that would be unfortunate.

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