Is The Facebook Movie Real?

facebook movie poster

Photo: FirstShowing

David Fincher’s The Social Network, coming out October 1, is supposed to be the true story of Facebook’s founding.But how closely does it stick to the facts?

Find out for yourself by reading our exclusive coverage of the Zuckerberg-Winklevoss battle over Facebook’s founding, the origins of the movie itself, and more…

  • At Last — The Full Story Of How Facebook Was Founded
  • The Facebook Movie Is An Act Of Cold-Blooded Revenge – New, Unpublished IMs Tell The Real Story
  • “Embarrassing And Damaging” Zuckerberg IMs Confirmed By Zuckerberg, The New Yorker
  • In 2004, Mark Zuckerberg Broke Into A Facebook User’s Private Email Account
  • How Mark Zuckerberg Hacked Into Rival ConnectU In 2004
  • The Facebook Movie is WRONG – Here’s How Much Zuckerberg Actually Gave The Winklevosses To Go Away

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