Technology Makes You Waste Time

One of the most important goals of technological advances is to save time doing tasks. Speed and efficiency are among the biggest promises of technology; the microwave might not make the food taste better but it certainly gets the job done more quickly.

At work, technology is often tasted with improving the way we do our tasks. The hardware, software, systems, and infrastructure exist to allow employees to communicate with each other and their clients easily, to track down information quickly, and to streamline efforts such as scheduling meetings or sifting through unimportant communications such as spam.

Unfortunately, these are among the biggest challenges today, particularly for knowledge workers. A recent study by Fonality and compiled by Rypple shows that employees waste hours a day performing tasks that technology could easily streamline. For example, an average of 67 minutes per employee per day is wasted trying to find key information. In a world where Google or Wikipedia can tell us just about anything we want to know in seconds, how can business technological infrastructure be so obtuse?

This infographic breaks down the waste associated with improperly used or administered technology on our work productivity. Click to enlarge.

Wasted Time at Work

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