Is Steve Jobs Opening Up Shop In Williamsburg? (AAPL)

Good news for Williamsburg hipsters: You might not have to hop the L train to 8th Avenue to take in the Apple Store social scene anymore.

Apple could be setting up shop in Williamsburg, if Gothamist’s tipster is correct — the site reports that Apple (AAPL) has purchased the building that currently houses the Salvation Army on the corner of Bedford and N. 7th. Then again, Apple store rumours are a dime a dozen in New York. This isn’t even the first Williamsburg Apple Store rumour:

rumours have been floating around for a year as to where the company may set up shop in Brooklyn (with most guessing it would be Downtown), and more recently it’s been rumoured that it would be in the new Edge complex.

Meanwhile, any word on the progress of the Apple Store supposedly slated for the Financial District? Let us know in comments or via our anonymous tips box.

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