Is Social Media The Wrong Way To Communicate With Shareholders?

Inside Investor Relations held a webinar today, titled ‘Where’s the value in social media?‘, which featured IR professionals at the vanguard of social media adoption discussing how they utilise tools like Facebook, Twitter and blogs to communicate and engage with the investment community

The panel was made up of Andrea Wentscher, IR manager for retail investors at BASF, Patrick Kiss, Deutsche EuroShop’s head of investor and public relations who has just launched a new website with an IR blog, and Friederike Edelmann, director of IR at SAP.

For those of you who missed it, the webinar will be available to listen to on Inside Investor Relations in a couple of days.

During the webinar, a series of polls took place to discover how much audience members are using social media for IR. Here are some of the results:

  • Around a third say they believe social media like Facebook, Twitter and blogs are useful sources of information for professional investors and research analysts
  • Of the audience, however, 44 per cent never tweet, blog or post on Facebook as part of their job. 40 per cent say they do but less than 10 times a week
  • Two fifths of the audience have a dedicated social media manager in some department at their company
  • The main barriers to adoption of social media are reluctance among senior management and a lack of resources

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