Is Simon Fuller Behind rumours Of Simon Cowell's Departure?

Simon Cowell’s been hinting for weeks that he’ll ditch American Idol once his contract ends next year, consistently mentioning that he’s signed a deal that ends next year and that he thinks that’s it.

But could Simon’s unwillingness to commit to more seasons of American Idol and his suggestions that he’s done with the show just be a calculated attempt by Idol creator Simon Fuller to sustain interest in the show, the ratings for which have dropped this year.

In one of its many American Idol articles posted today, Billboard writes,

Fuller believes it’s that buzz generation-including the controversial developments like feuding judges or contestants with dicey pasts or Cowell’s suggestion this year that he might leave the show after next season-that keeps the audience interested.

Could he, therefore, be coaching Simon to keep the audience in the dark about his future?

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