Is Pheed The Future Of Social Media?

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Pheed: The Future Of Monetized Social Media (Surfandbiz)
Pheed, the new monetized social network, is taking off. It combines aspects of Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Instagram and SoundCloud. Users can put their content behind a paywall if they like. Already believed to be the social media company of the year, the team at the head of this new network hopes to attract at least 10 million users worldwide. Pheed social networking is on the rise and many are beginning to wonder: will it prove to be competition for the two giants of social media, Facebook and Twitter? Read >>Twitter Users Group With Similar Users (EPJ Data Science via Wired)
According to an analysis of the language used on Twitter, linguists have found that users of the social networking site tend to form into “tribes”.

twitter language groups tribes

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Those who use certain words are overwhelmingly more likely to communicate primarily with others who use similar words. Those “tracer” words are often based on political interests, ethnicity, work and hobbies. “Interestingly, just as people have varying regional accents, we also found that communities would misspell words in different ways. Justin Bieber fans have a habit of ending words in ‘ee’, as in ‘pleasee’.” The findings suggest that social media users join communities in the same way humans have historically self-organised, contradicting the belief that users share everything with everyone. Read >>

standardising The Definition Of Social Media Measurements (The Measurement Standard)
The Digital Analytics Association, in conjunction with SMMStandards, has proposed definitions for various social media terms. Here’s a quick summary:

  • Item: A post, micro-post, article, or other instance appearing for the first time in a digital media.
  • Mention: A brand, organisation, campaign, or entity that is being measured.
  • Reach: Represents the total number of unique people who had an opportunity to see an item or a valid reproduction of that item across any digital media.

The definitions go on. Read >>

Netflix’s Facebook Integration Is A $600 Million Dollar Move (The Motley Fool)
Netflix announced the launch of a Facebook app for U.S. customers. U.S. Netflix users will be able to link their Netflix and Facebook accounts, so that their friends can see what they’ve been watching (and vice-versa). The news sparked a nearly 6 per cent rally in Netflix shares last week, adding approximately $600 million to Netflix’s market cap. However, while Netflix’s expansion of “social” video is a nice feature that will please many customers (particularly the under-30 set), it’s hard to characterise it as a game-changer. Read >>

Twitter Is Inextricable From Mobile (Twitter via Business2Community)
Mobile and Twitter go hand in hand. And now it’s been proven. In the UK alone, Twitter has over 10 million users and 80 per cent of those access the network via a mobile device. Read >>

Twitter Mobile UK

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