GOP Front-Runner Huckabee Isn’t Going To Run?

Mike Huckabee

Is former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee running for president? His political advisors think the answer is no.

Huckabee is set to announce whether he is running for president tomorrow night on his Fox News program. The channel said the Arkansas Republican has not informed anyone there of his decision.

Even Huckabee’s senior advisors don’t know his decision yet. But some say Huckabee’s silence indicates he has opted not to run for the Republican presidential nomination next year. 

“”I have no idea what he’s going to say,” Ed Rollins, a top Huckabee adviser, told Politico. “My guess is going he’s going to say he is not announcing a campaign.”

Rollins said Huckabee expressed renewed interest in a campaign in recent months, but appeared to be pulling back over the past two weeks. 

Huckabee’s family is against another campaign, according to Rollins. The popular conservative has also cited his lucrative career outside of politics as a reason for his hesitation.

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