Katherine Heigl Likely Leaving Grey’s, May Be Switching Agencies


After Grey’s Anatomy‘s James Pickens (Chief Webber) claimed yesterday that Katherine Heigl and her BFF, T.R. Knight, were leaving the ABC hit at the end of the season, sources are telling Entertainment Weekly he jumped the gun.

EW: Alphabet execs have yet to officially issue the actors their Get Out of Jail Free cards. Unofficially, however, all indications are that it will happen. The only question now is when.

“Right now, the whole thing is in the hands of their agents and ABC’s lawyers,” explains an insider. “Something will probably be worked out soon, but it’s a safe bet that Katherine and T.R. won’t be returning as series regulars next season.”

If you believe the rumours, Heigl has been trying to wiggle her way out of her Grey’s contract for the better part of the past two years. (She’s a movie star, people!) Knight, meanwhile, approached the show’s producers last fall about making an early exit. As I previously reported, the Isaiahgate survivor has been frustrated by his lack of air time. “He’s an actor. He wants to act,” a Grey’s insider told me at the time. “It’s that simple.”

EW‘s source really just says it’s likely that Heigl and Knight are trying to leave the show, which we could’ve told you simply based on coverage of their negotiations with producers. But we’re going to take the Chief’s comments and ABC’s “no comment,” as further confirmation. So, now, how long until James Pickens gets fired?

Meanwhile, Nikki Finke is reporting that Katherine Heigl, who’s currently represented by boutique talent agency Paradigm, may be taking meetings with rival agencies.

Deadline Hollywood Daily: The TV and movie star has been with Paradigm’s Norm Aladjem for a decade. And he’s helped the Grey’s Anatomy star, with her manager and lawyer, pull down big coin as the film offers pour in…Then why am I hearing that Katherine Heigl is taking agency meetings? Paradigm strenuously denies this, telling me it’s “100% not true” and she’s not going anywhere.

Heigl’s had a promising film career thus far, but if she really wants to become the next Julia Roberts, we wouldn’t be surprised if she’s planning to move up to a bigger agency.